About Us

Bernard Benefits is a fast-growing employee benefits firm with offices in Nashville, Indianapolis and Austin helping organizations develop a more sustainable health plan strategy while lowering cost and improving employee benefits.

Year Founded
Employer Clients

Bernard Benefits History

Bernard Benefits was established out of healthcare advisory and software company Bernard Health and has thrived under the leadership of benefits practice leader Brian Tolbert since 2006. Founded on the idea of using Health Savings Accounts to better align the healthcare industry, Bernard Benefits has grown its value proposition to include a comprehensive scope of benefits, HR and alternative funding strategies to help business leaders provide the best benefits for their employees.

Our Mission and Guiding Principles

Our mission is to be the most trusted advisor when it comes to helping employers plan for healthcare and other employee benefit solutions.

Our Clients

We aim to help our clients by being a steady, reliable voice, understanding their needs and providing peace of mind that they have adopted the best possible health insurance strategy.

Our People

We know the work we do is important, and we’re passionate about it. Our team is strongest if we operate in an environment of mutual respect, and we contribute to it on a day-to-day basis.

Our Systems

So many problems stem from misaligned incentives, so we work hard to ensure our systems and our incentives are lined up effectively, pointing toward nothing but doing the best thing for each client.

Our Shareholders

We believe that as long as we concentrate and deliver on our other principles, our shareholders will be rewarded fairly.